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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grab 10 Things

Blog Prompt - If I had 24 hours to evacuate my home before it was to be destroyed by a hurricane, what 10 things would I grab (not including people or pets)
Here are the 10 things but they are not in any special order, just how they came to mind.

1. Pocketbook with checkbook and credit card and license
2. Laptop
3. Suitcase full of clothes
4. Parents’ wedding pictures
5. Filebox full of important tax receipts, passports, marriage certificate
6. Box of Don’s most treasured stamps and postcards
7. Picture album with old photos
8. Ipod
9. Digital Camera
10. Cell phone


Life Psalm; Pixel Punkin said...

I forgot to list my cell phone, but it's usually in my purse anyway. Another thing we have in common is knitting/crocheting. I haven't done either in a while, but I used to love them.

Tink said...

We do think alot alike here.