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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Can I Survive Without Email?

Blog Prompt - Can you survive without e-mail? How has it changed your life?

The answer to this is NO! NO! Absolutely not! Can you tell that I’m addicted to my online life? I keep in touch with family who live out of the state as well as friends all around the world through email. I have reconnected with a cousin that I haven’t seen for over 30 years until last year when we were out in California and had dinner together. Without email, that would never have happened. I have reconnected with a friend who I used to teach with who now lives in France but will be moving back to the USA and near my house this year. I have made new friends and connections through email. So, no, I couldn’t survive without it and my husband knows this too. That is why he bought me an air card to use in my laptop when we are traveling. Isn’t love grand!

Original image: 'Email Hack' by: Ross Mayfield


Beth said...

I could live without it . . . but would I want too?? LOL

It has made my life much easier. Quick emails get me the information I need so much faster.

And being on facebook along with email has connected me with friends from long ago.

But do you worry that we have too much virtual communication? I try to balance it but when I see a family out to dinner, each with their own phone, (this includes the parents), texting people and ignoring each other . . . I worry.

loonyhiker said...

I agree about the balance. I don't have txting on my cell phone so I'm safe from doing and recieving txt messages. I had to admit though that sometimes my husband reads the paper and I read a book if we go out to breakfast. He is not a morning person so conversation is usually out of the question.

Tink said...

I agree with Beth. I have lived without for many months recently, but I sure was glad to get it back.

Stephanie said...

I do not think I would be happy without my e-mail. This whole expat experience would be miserable for me without it. Our trips home have been so much better because we have been able to make plans with folks a head of time. It has really helped our family stay close over the past 3 years. And all of those people who have entered my life, like you - I wouldn't have them without e-mail!