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Friday, November 20, 2009

Preparing for the Weekend

weekend Blog Prompt - Its Friday and what do you usually do on a Friday to gear up for the weekend??

The best part of being retired is that I don’t have to wait in anticipation for the weekend. Every day can be a weekend day for me! The main thing that I do on the weekend is leave dinner plans up to my husband. I cook breakfast and dinner on the weekdays but leave the cooking up to him on the weekends. This usually means that we go out for breakfast. Since it is football season and there are lots of college football games on, I am sent out to get KFC hotwings, or Little Caesar’s pizza for dinner. If it is after football season, we try to go hiking on the weekend with my hiking group. So this means on Fridays, I gather our hiking gear together so we aren’t running around looking for stuff on Saturday morning. I try to lay out our hiking clothes and then I make sure I have stuff together for our lunch. It is nice not having to wait for weekends to happen!

Original image: 'Preview of a Splash' by: Chris Willis

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Tammy said...

Pat, it seems you and I do the same thing on Saturdays during football season.