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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mickey Mouse

mickeymouse Blog Prompt - Today is Mickey Mouse's Birthday. Do you have a favorite Disney character?

Mickey Mouse was always my favorite character. He was cute and everyone seemed to love him which is the way I wanted to be when I grew up. He also seemed smart and capable. One year we took our children to Disney World when they were little and they loved the parade. When we looked around, we were missing our youngest daughter. My husband thought I had her and I thought he had her but I guess she slipped away while we were watching the parade. We were frantic and was searching everywhere! Finally we found her! She was in the parade holding Mickey Mouse’s hand, just waving to everyone. They said they knew a parent would be looking for her and that was the best place for her to be seen! I loved Mickey Mouse even more that day!

Original image: 'Walter Elias Disney and his friends' by: Avrajyoti Mitra


Tammy said...

I would say Mickey was a life saver too!! What a great story with a happy ending.

scdot3 said...

Still like Mickey to this day....