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Monday, November 09, 2009

Parade Day

Blog Day - Today is Parade Day. Do you like parades? Have you participated in a parade?

I like parades but I hate the hassle of finding parking spaces and fighting the cold for Christmas parades so we don’t do them much anymore. My friend had an antique car that he drove in the Corn Festival parade each summer. I’m not sure if it was a Model A or a Model T but it was a Model something kind of car. Since he owned a local psychiatric hospital, he thought it would be good to advertise for the hospital and be in the parade. His wife hated to ride in the parade so she asked me to go in her place so every year I rode in the parade with her husband and we through candy out to the people along the parade route. I thought it was exciting and a lot of fun but he eventually sold his car so we don’t do that anymore.

Picture taken by me at our local Christmas parade. This is our state senator who is also a close friend and next door neighbor!

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Tammy said...

Now that is something I've never done. Rode in a car in a parade. Did you do the pageant wave??