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Friday, November 27, 2009

Pins and Needles

pins Blog Prompt - Today is Pins and Needles Day. As we gear up for the season, how will keep yourself calm and relaxed and not on pins and needles this year?

Holiday seasons are usually stressful for me because we usually go on vacation. This means packing for a variety of situations such as a cruise as well as a visit with my parents. I am having to make sure I pack Christmas gifts too. Before we leave, I have to pay all the bills and make sure the house is in order. We cut off the water in case it gets cold enough to freeze. I also have to make sure someone will pick up our mail at the post office and return any library books we have. The best way I try to stay calm is to walk. I either walk on my treadmill or we go walking in the park. For some reason I feel energized and in control after I walk which is much different than when I started.

Original image: 'Colours everywhere'
by: Petra Swaczynov√°

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