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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Buttons, Zippers and Bread

zippers Monday’s Blog Prompt - Today is Button Day. Do you prefer buttons or zippers or none at all??

I like zippers better because I’m always popping off a button and I hate sewing them on. Also, I feel warmer when I can zip something up rather than wearing something that buttons. Of course when I’m knitting I don’t like either because so far, I have no idea how to add them on a sweater. The only sweater I have made had neither and tied at the waist. Eventually I will move up to adding buttons because I think those will be easier to add on then a zipper.

Tuesday’s Blog Prompt - Today is Homemade Bread Day. Do you have a great recipe for bread to share or do you prefer to buy it already made at the store?

I have never baked bread before but I love the smell of it and I love to eat warm fresh baked bread. My sister bakes a lot of bread stuff which tastes awesome! She makes these yeast rolls to die for! At Easter time, she makes these doughboys where you put the Easter egg in the middle and they looks so cute. They are almost too cute to eat. Now

Original image: 'which one?' by: caro sheridan


Tammy said...

Well heck. I didn't even think about when a button pops off and it might be months before I take the time to sew it back on. Another good reason why I don't prefer buttons.

Beachcomber said...

Yeah. A lot of the times when the button comes off I can't find it. LOL Zippers are easier until they get stuck.

Hubby makes bread in the bread machine but he keeps trying a bunch of recipes hoping he will get one that works. They are usually too heavy but they taste good.

I still have a baby sweater on my knitting that I haven't finished yet. Was supposed to be for a friend's baby but he is 1 now! The buttons holes were pretty easy to knit though. I thought it would be hard.