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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lost Passion

Blog Prompt: What lost passions would you like to rediscover?

I would like to play mah jong again like I did when I was growing up. Unfortunately, now that I have moved away from home and family, I’m not near anyone who plays mah jong or who even knows how to play it. The only one most people know now is that matching game that comes on computers that is called this. But mah jong with the ivory tiles is more like a gin rummy game. I have a very old ivory set that my parents gave me that I’m sure is an antique set. I guess eventually it will be a lost art like many others.

photo credit: Original image: 'Mah Jong' Timothy Farol

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Tammy said...

OH wow. You need to be down here where I live. There are a lot of people that play that and have groups that play every week. They also have big tournaments here. I know the basics of the game and have played, but I'm sure there are rules that I don't know about.