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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Depression Looming

Blog Prompt: Crash of Wall Street stock market, Great Depression begins 1929. If you lost all of your money, what would you do to make it through until the economy turned around.
I would grow a vegetable garden as soon as the weather allowed. I would also see about working with others to set up a bartering system. Maybe I could share some vegetables in exchange for something that I need. I think people will need to work together when and if that time comes. I will also look seriously at all my luxuries and see what I could live without out.

photo credit: Original image: 'vege-garden_merge' Rae Allen

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Stephanie said...

I've just caught up on at least a week's worth of posts. I SOOO need to use some of them on my blog! I love your outlook on life in general, and that you are so open to sharing. And I'd like to learn how to play mah jong when we move back!