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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Favorite Fast Food

I think right now my favorite fast food is Burger King because I fill out the survey on the back of my receipt and we get a whopper free when you buy fries and a drink of any size. The two of us can go there and eat for under $5. I usually get the junior bacon cheeseburger and a value drink which is only a dollar each. I have to admit that when we have been home, I have been cooking more to save money and we feel better. When we are traveling, we tend to stay away from the fast food since we found it that it actually made us put on a lot of weight and we didn’t feel as healthy.


Tammy said...

They do have a good Angus burger and I didn't know you got a free burger if you filled out the survey!!!! yea......its all about saving money now........thanks Pat

Beachcomber said...

Burger King is my favorite fast food joint, too. My son likes McDonalds.