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Thursday, March 04, 2010

My Name

names Blog Prompt: Who chose your name? Were you named after someone else?

My parents chose my name. I’m not really sure why they chose my name other than at the last minute, they liked the name Patricia. I heard the story about how my name was supposed to be Gail but then it was changed. Patricia means noble and I like the thought of being noble. My middle name is Ruth and Ruth was my grandmother’s name. Growing up, I thought Ruth was an old fashioned name but now I like it. I like the thought of it being in the bible and that it seems like a strong name. My sister has been telling me some stories about my grandmother that I never knew and it makes me wish that I had known my grandmother better before she passed away. The stories are good though and I feel closer to her just from hearing about her.

Original image: 'red velvet cupcake madness!' by: Klara

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lis said...

My mom knew in her heart she would have a boy, and his ame would be Michael.
Sorry, mum!
When I popped out (and bless me, pop out I did, she meant to name me Jessica, but the dog she had at the time was called Jessica.
So she just came up with Stefanie when the nurses got kinda impatient with her as they wanted to put a name on the little tag...
Hey, she loves me, really! (love you too, mum xoxo)