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Friday, March 05, 2010


faces Blog Prompt: What physical feature on a person do you first react to?

Faces are important to me. That is what I look at when I have a conversation with others. I can tell by their smiles or grimaces how they are feeling. I can look in their eyes and tell if they are sincere. I can also see if they are angry, sarcastic, unhappy, or miserable. All of this can be determined by looking at people’s faces. I think that is why I hate using the phone. Phone conversations can be misconstrued or cause lots of confusion because I can’t see their faces. I have enjoyed using Skype now because I can see other people’s faces when I talk to them. The problem with that is not everyone I know uses Skype, which is a shame because it is a free program for your computer. Of course not everyone I know uses a computer either. So, I will continue to have face to face conversations as much as possible.

Original image: 'world mosaic: a tribute to flickr portraits'

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