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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Geocaching Fun

032410sasquatch02 Yesterday we did trail maintenance with our Turtles hiking group along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. The weather was perfect because it was a sunny and warm day. As we worked, we got to visit with some fellow hikers we haven’t seen in a long time. Due to illness and age, some of them aren’t able to do the long hard hikes anymore but this activity is just perfect for them to participate. After we finished we ate lunch at Williams Hardware CafĂ©.

While we worked though, I talked with a fellow hiker about geocaching. He has almost 2000 found on his profile so I was eager to pick his brain for tips. Thrilled to help me, we used our GPS to find a cache along the trail we were working on. I was able to learn a lot and it boosted my confidence a lot. After lunch, my hubby and I decided to try to find some more at Paris Mountain State Park. The first one we had trouble with and gave up. After finding the second one, we decided to go back and the first one another try. I’m glad we did because we found it!

I don’t take anything from the cache but I enjoy logging in and then coming back home to get on in order to log it as found. I can see how this can get addictive!

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Stephanie said...

YEAH! Another convert! We LOVE geocaching. I cannot wait to get back into it this srping. DId you know that there is a 10th anniversary party/meeting not far from either of us on May 2? Great way to meet other cachers I think.