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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Frozen Food

frozen Blog Prompt: March is National Frozen Food Month. Do you freeze your own or buy already frozen food?

The only thing I freeze is usually meat before I cook it. I like to buy packages of meat that are on sale and usually that is more than the two of us can eat. In the past, my hubby would not eat anything frozen so I solved that problem by not telling him about it. I don’t usually freeze any meals because I’ve been able to cook enough for the two of us without any leftovers. My hubby hates leftovers and will not eat them at all.

Original image: 'Frozen Peas'


Stephanie said...

I used to be like your husband. I NEVER ate leftovers, especially not meat. Now I purposefully make double recipes and freeze half. makes for an easier night down the road when the little people don't want me to cook dinner. I also freeze stuff from the garden. So nice to have "fresh" veggies in January. I even got a FoodSaver system for Christmas so I can freeze better this summer!

Anonymous said...

I'm always so impressed with the way you are able to find a photo that is a "just perfect" match to the prompt!