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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Learning Another Language

French Blog Prompt: What is the best reason for learning another language?

I think the best reason for learning another language is that it broadens my horizon. It helps me be less egocentric and realize that there are other cultures out there besides my own. With an awareness other cultures, it opens up the door for seeing other ideas and perspectives that may be different from my own. Yet, I have also noticed a lot of similarities too. Many words in different languages have the same base which helps me understand the words easier. I may not know a particular language but if I can connect to word in another language that I know, it helps me understand it easier. Since we do a lot of traveling, this really helps communication and getting around go a lot smoother. So far, I’ve learned French (8 years including high school and college), some Spanish, some Italian, and some Chinese.

I also think learning another language helps exercise the brain. Memorizing new vocabulary keeps the brain sharper. I read somewhere that learning a language can help people ward off dementia but I’m not sure about that. I like brain exercises and I like the challenge so I will continue to learn as much as I can.

Original image: 'Welcoming' by: fly

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