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Friday, March 12, 2010

Memorable Move

moving Blog Prompt: Have you ever moved? What was most memorable about it? If you never have what do you think would make it memorable?

The most memorable move I remember was right before I got married. My fiancĂ©e and I lived across each other in an apartment complex and were moving to a rental house when we married the next week. He had a lot of furniture and stuff at a storage building that was going to be moved to our new house. My assistant, her husband and three teenage boys came in their truck to help us move on a Sunday afternoon. We used the security code to open the gate in order to get into the storage building property and loaded up the truck. Then when we got ready to leave, we punched in the security code to open the gate again and nothing happened. We were locked inside the property. Apparently no one told us that after 5pm, the gate can’t be opened until Monday morning. We ended up calling 911 and the police tried to contact the owners but was unable to do that. My assistant’s husband said he had the tools to dismantle the gate if the policeman could be a witness that we weren’t stealing anything. When he got the gate opened, we unloaded all of our belongings on the outside of the gate and then he put the gate back together again. My assistant and I had to sit with all the stuff while the guys made two or three trips moving it all to our house. What an experience!

On a side note:

I finished my reindeer hat and it is hideous. It looks great in the picture but I won’t dare put it on my hubby’s head to show you what it looks like when it is on his head. The pattern is very pretty but on his head, it looks like a dunce’s cap or something from a Harry Potter movie. I’ve whined about it on Plurk and Ravelry already but there is nothing to do but chalk it up to a learning experience. Next time I try a pattern, I will look at the other projects already finished and read the comments that they leave before I decide to try it. I also see why it is important to leave comments on my own projects.

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lis said...

Aww... you know, I think reindeer patterns are MEANT to be hideous, that is their special charm! C'mon, who looks ever good in Norwegian disguise? Well, apart from the fact that their courage has to be admired, which, in turn, makes it charming. Err. You get me.
My most memorable move (and LOL @ your story!!) was coming to England to Germany. Because our vet in Germany misread the paperwork, the french border agency wouldn't let us cross the channel with our four cats, and they had to see a french vet for some incredibly stupid, unnecessary jab. Then we had to spend 24 hours in a stinky "hotel" near the port, all four cats in the tiny room, until they would let us cross. Bless their souls, no permanent damage done, if you don't count that thei are mad anyway.
But it was all worth it, we are all a lot happier in England than we were in Germany!

Tammy said...

Pat, that sounds like something Glenn and I would do. And actually, we did do something like that when we moved and thought we were going to have to break the equipment and he finally figured out how to get it open.

Love the hat. You are so good at that. Beautiful work.