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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lost and Found

remote Have you ever hid anything so well that you couldn't find it when you went to look for it? Did you ever find it again?

One time I lost the remote/key to my Prius. It is one of those things you must have in order to start the car. My hubby and I looked all over the house, in every room but couldn’t find them. I can’t lock the car if it is in the car so we know it wasn’t in the car. Since I was the last one to drive the car and hadn’t gone back out since, we knew it had to be somewhere on our property. I walked out to the car and checked the path to the house door but nothing. I emptied my purse and book bag on my bed. Then I took out every jacket I owned to check the pockets. After about 3 hours we gave up and put our house back in order. Later that evening, I walked back in the bedroom and there on the floor in the middle of the rug was the remote. My hubby hadn’t been in there since we stopped looking and I didn’t put it there. We figure our ghost was up to its sneaky tricks again. Once we stopped looking for it, it wasn’t fun anymore so he put it where I could find it. We never did have any other explanation for what happened.

Original image: 'New Car' by: Caitlin Regan

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