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Friday, June 19, 2009


Blog Prompt: Today is World Sauntering Day. Sauntering is form of strolling. Where would you saunter to on this day?

If I could, I would be sauntering through the forest today. I had looked forward to going hiking today especially since it will be so hot. I bet with the humidity, the heat index will be over 100. My hope was to go to NC and hike to some waterfalls where the spray would be cooling and even put my feet in the cool water.

But unfortunately this is not going to happen. We got a call last night that we have a tree down at one of our rental houses and will be going there to clear it out today. Due to the bad storms we have had around our county, I know we wouldn’t be able to get a tree service any time soon so we are going to try to clear it ourselves. Last year we had a huge tree fall in our yard and we did it ourselves so I know we can do this okay because this tree is smaller. My hubby will work the chainsaw and I am in charge of clearing. Maybe we will get to hike tomorrow.

Original image: 'Waterfall' by: Diego Silvestre


Anonymous said...

Pat, we have had to do that in the past too. During the year of all the hurricanes, one of those 80 foot pencil Georgia pines fell on a property we were selling. Thank goodness it fell on the driveway and not on the house. But it took so long to cut that thing up and drag it to the forest. And of course, it was in August. So hot.

Don't work so hard and I hope you get to hike later.

Stephanie said...

I hope it goes well today. Mike spent last Saturday cleaning up 2 trees that fell into our yard (only one was really ours, but the other fell on our property and the neighbor wqasn't home so we just cleaned it up). Crazy weather we are having!

Beachcomber said...

Awww Pat. I hope all goes well with the tree removal. Hopefully you will be able to get that walk in.

Tink said...

Seems like everyone is having to become their own tree removal service. Pan had to remove a huge pine that had died so it wouldn't fall on the house or the neighbor's.

I do hope that you get your hike in this weekend (you'll have to let me know where at in NC). :)