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Friday, June 05, 2009

Gender Equality, Doughnuts, and Babbling

Thursday’s blog prompt: Do you believe there is an inequality between men & women? Are there certain jobs that should be consigned to just one?

I believe there is inequality in men and women but I don’t think that it is all bad. Let’s face it, God made us differently for a reason. I think most men are built to be stronger and do more labor intensive work than most women (notice I said “most”). Just like women were built to bear children and not men. There are some sports that I believe should be gender specific and others that don’t need to be but if they are not, then everyone should follow the same rules no matter what sex they are. I believe this is the same for jobs. If either sex can do the same job by meeting the same criteria, then I think it shouldn’t matter. It is when we start making exceptions or changing the criteria due to gender that I have a problem. If there needs to be changes, then that person is unable to do the job and shouldn’t have it.

Friday’s blog prompt: Today is National Doughnut Day. What is your favorite doughnut? Do you make your own?

My favorite doughnut is a Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed doughnut. Yumm (oh sorry, I'm drooling). I can almost smell and taste it right now, especially if it is still warm. When I was young, I remember helping my mom try to make doughnuts but I didn’t enjoy it. I would just as soon pay to have one already made.

For some reason I can’t get myself together this week and get the prompts done on time. But I have gotten a lot done in the past week. We’ve gone hiking three days and I cleaned out my shed which took 6 hours. Then we had to haul 2 truckloads of junk to the dump. Yesterday I had a phone interview by a man from Scotland (my first international interview!) about technology and education. I start back to teaching next week at Furman so I’m trying to get my syllabus and lessons in order. My housework has taken a back seat so I hope to catch up on that today since it is pouring down rain. Then today we also have to go take pictures at the church for the directory (this will be the first time Don’s been in a suit in months!).

Original image: 'krispy' by: Lou Tamposi


Glynis said...

I totally agree with you about gender "inequality". I don't WANT to be the one to do manual labor :) And I LOVE Krispy Kreme, but we don't have a shop up here...if you get them they're in a convenience store and never warm (which is how they taste best). Mmm. Doughnuts.

Tink said...

I think the nearest Krispy Kreme is probably about 30 miles from here. But I remember getting up on Saturday mornings and calling Krispy Kreme. They would deliver fresh, hot doughnuts within 30 minutes. Oh that was the very best.