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Friday, June 12, 2009


Blog Prompt Today is Red Rose Day. Do you know what a red rose signifies? What about your favorite rose?

I think I remember reading that red roses symbolize love so I guess that is why red roses are so popular on Valentine’s Day. I really don’t have a favorite rose but I do like roses of all colors. I especially like rose bushes that stay alive in my flower beds. Here is a picture that I took last year of one of my roses. I have about 4 rose bushes that I bought at Sam’s Club for $5 each which was good in case they died. Then I knew I didn’t have a lot invested in them. I really don’t do much for them except put my worm compost around the base once a year. I don’t even water them much and pretty much leave them alone. Then I am always amazed when they start blooming and look so beautiful. This year at the beginning of spring, I trimmed them down to about half the size because they were really tall and leggy. I just knew that I had probably killed them but no, they are still alive and blooming nicely again. It is always nice to look out our window and see my roses blooming.

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Roses are the only plant that I never could grow. Don't know why.

The picture of your rose, Pat, is stunning. You have the touch.