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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Saying Goodbyes

Saying goodbyes is really hard for me. In fact, I think it is hard for my whole family because whether it is on the phone or in person, it takes 15 min. after the first "goodbye" to really get gone. My family was not a very touchy feely group so I didn't grow up with a lot of hugs until I got married. My in laws were BIG huggers and my mother in law scared me to death for months when we were dating because she had to give me a big hug every time she saw me and when we said good bye. In fact, I would make my husband (then boyfriend) go in to her house first to get the first big hug. Now I'm in a hiking group where everyone hugs hello and goodbye. So, I've learned to be a hugger. Whenever I leave my parents' home after a visit, we hug but I'm always afraid it will be the last time I see them. I keep that fear in my heart and smile bravely and just say See ya soon! Mainly with my friends though, it's more of a see ya later (whenever that may be).


Zephanee said...

I know exactly what you are saying about the fear you feel when you leave your parents. I always think that the last good-bye might actually be the last. It's an awful feeling.

Meg said...

LOL, my family members were huggers, but not much on the speaking about emotions side. When I started dating my dh, I was mortified when his parents said "I love you" *gasp* or "you are so important to us" *faint* and other emotional phrases. Love this post!

glynis said...

Great post, Pat. I understand exactly!

ArtcMom said...

Yeah, my IL's are like that too...even kiss each other on the lips...yuk,lol! Great post!