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Monday, May 29, 2006

Out of the Ordinary

I didn't really do anything major out of the ordinary other than slept in until 5:30am instead of getting out of bed at 4:45am. I went out and did some gardening before it got too hot. I don't usually get to do this until summer vacation begins so I am excited to do some gardening now. Usually we go away every weekend so I really can't do any gardening except for the evenings during the school year and then during the week when summer vacation begins. This year, due to gas prices, we have tried to stay closer to home so I've been doing a lot more gardening on the weekends. I was pretty excited this morning when I was taking inventory of what I've already accomplished. I will get to spend more time this summer enjoying my gardens instead of dreading all the weeding. I don't know if I just started earlier this year or prepared my beds better to keep out weeds but this year seems much easier than the past. I've really spent a lot of time and money with spreading pine needles this past year which seems to have helped with the weeds. I have also planted more plants which seems to leave less space for the weeds (at least that is what I tell my hubby when I come home with more plants!). I also went out and bought more potting soil for some of my pots that needed more soil. Of course, now I have so much extra soil that I will need to buy more pots and of course more plants! Hmmm, this could be an ongoing cycle! What a wonderful relaxing day this has turned out to be!


Meg said...

How great! Just the sleeping in slightly later part would do it for me, but to be ahead of schedule with all your gardening, too? Excellent! Enjoy your day!

Tink said...

Pictures, I'm looking forward to pictures and layouts.

heather said...

Sleeping in is 5:30am!! Glad you've been getting your gardening done and enjoying it so much. Yes, pics would be great.

Zephanee said...

I envy your gardening ability. This is my first year having a real flower garden. The house we moved into has a garden on the front that I "inherited." Since this is also our first year in Germany, I really didn't know what were weeds and what were flowers. (The weeds here are even beautiful!) But after we received a small business card in our mailbox from someone wanting to do our gardening, I think I better bite the bit and try to weed sometime soon. :)