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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bad habits

Boy! Do I have bad habits! I don't know where to start but I don't have an eternity to write so I will limit this to my top 10 bad habits. Boy, that would be an interesting challenge. Here they are (but not in order of importance):
1. I'm a perfectionist.
2. I am addicted to chocolate kisses lately.
3. I don't change my sheets as often as I should.
4. I play on my computer too much.
5. I'm too critical of other people.
6. I can't say no to people when they ask me to do something.
7. I internalize a lot of my anger instead of verbalizing things.
8. I love to go to social functions so I can look at other people's clothes and go home and laugh about them.
9. I tell people that I'm a terrible cook so often so they won't ever ask me to cook something for an event.
10. When I want to escape, I read a good book instead of doing things I really should do.


glynis said...

I'm not sure all of those are 'bad' habits, Pat! I especially like where you laugh at other people--that one is a bad habit, but it's also kind of fun! LOL

heather said...

I really enjoyed reading your top ten bad habits Pat! The clothes one made me laugh and I think the cooking one is actually a very clever strategy on your part ! :)

Laura Lou said...

Arem we twins or something? I can so relate to all of these but I don't think they are all bad, either.

Stacey said...

That reminds me, I need to change my sheets. :)

SH85 said...

I feel like I could have written that list. OK, most of it. I don't purposely go places to make fun of other people's poor fashon sense, but that doesn't mean I haven't done it. And it is mandatory if you are watching figure skating on TV.

Yup, we have a lot in common, including some of our bad habits. Pretty cool.

Karen said...

I'd work on number 6 Pat (can't say no to people). If you can kill that one off it'll leave you more time to enjoy the rest of your bad habits.

CompooperTeacher said...

I was going to say that we are twins, but I have to modify that: You, LauraLou and I are TRIPLETS!