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Monday, June 23, 2008

What Makes Me Cry

Blog prompt: Let's start this week's diary entries with: What makes you cry?

I am kind of weird but I hardly ever cry. I usually cry when I am very very angry. In fact, my family knows that when I'm mad and I've started to cry, watch out! One time at work I was furious with a colleague and I left my class alone as I walked rapidly around my portable crying until I calmed down. I could see my students in the window watching me as I walked around and around. Once I walked into my assistant principal's office, shut the door, and said, "I'm mad and I will probably start to cry, but you will just have to ignore the crying and listen." He did.

The only other time I remember crying when I wasn't mad was when my youngest daughter turned 13. I felt old and sad. I didn't want her to grow up because I knew our relationship would change. We had always gotten along and she never gave me a problem but I knew difficult times were coming. If I could only have found a way to stop the clock!

photo credit: crying by world of oddy


dyanna said...

Like mother like I know where I get it from lol

Tink said...

I'm not a big crier either. At least wise in public. To me tears are a very private thing and I don't want to share them :)

glynis said...

I never used to cry, but as I get older it gets harder for me not to. Anger is one that definitely does it for me.