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Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Hubby!

birthdayToday is my hubby’s birthday! He seems to not like his birthdays ending in 9s. When he turned 39, he was pretty depressed. When he turned 49, he was kind of grouchy. Yesterday when I discussed what we should do for his 59th birthday, he got cranky. Any other birthdays has not affected him this way. He thinks I make too much out of birthdays. But I have to disagree. The alternative to getting older is death so I will celebrate each year that I get older.

Every birthday is a celebration of life! Each year we get a little older and a little wiser. We have had the opportunity to experience new things, capture new memories, and enjoy others more.

We enjoy our lives together and try to treat every day as special which is a good thing. But I think celebrating another year that goes by is also a special event and should be honored.

So happy birthday to my best and dearest friend, the love of my life! I celebrate the fact that you were born and that I get to share your life with you. I’m glad you are in my life and I hope that we get to celebrate many, many more of your birthdays!

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Original image: 'Birthday Cake' by: Theresa Thompson

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Dyanna E Freeman said...

hmmmm...I thought he was older than that....he is just a spring chicken! :)