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Monday, February 07, 2011

Carnival Fantasy – Nassau 1/31/11

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016 We arrived in Nassau but we didn’t get off the ship. We did watch the Disney Dream dock beside us and enjoyed looking at their really cool waterslide. Most of the day was spent relaxing. We sat by the pool and got some sun today but we didn’t do anything special. Don’s Ipod died and he forgot to bring his cord to charge it. Luckily we saw Rhonda and Helen and Rhonda had a cord for us to borrow. Roberta sent us a box of cookies which were delightful!

Dinner was really nice. 015Baris and Fatma and Alina (the hotel director) and the chef came to our table to visit. It was really nice. Then they felt bad that my food got cold so they had the servers bring out new plates for us when they left. After dinner we went to the deck party and visited with Sonny and Vicky from Birmingham, AL.

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CC said...

how fun!!! I wish I could go as well!