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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Secret of Getting There...

"The secret of getting there is knowing where to start."

Today will be a new beginning for a couple of my students. They both are mentally disabled and the sweetest kids I've ever known. I've taught them both for 3 years and next year they will be seniors in my class. They are 16 years old, very shy, and have never been on a date before. For the past 4 months, they have been doing an internship at the local nursing home three days a week for 2 hours a day (they deliver magazines, water plants, make announcements, and whatever else is needed). After 4 months, they have become quite attached to the staff and residents and I know the feeling is mutual. The reason I know this is because the nursing home has helped these kids go to the prom tonight. Elijah and Terrace never thought they would ever go to the prom or on a date, so this is exciting for all of us! The nursing home staff has rented a tux for Elijah, bought a gown, shoes, jewelry, corsage for Terrace and dinner for 2 plus are providing transportation. This afternoon their parents will deliver them to the nursing home to get dressed for the prom. They will do Terrace's hair, and makeup also. The staff tried to rent a convertible to drive them in but ran into problems. The nursing home staff will drive them to the restaurant to meet my husband and me. It is a very elegant Italian restaurant (they have never been to restaurant with wait staff before!) at 6:30. We are going to "double date" so that they will be comfortable in the restaurant with the menu and paying for dinner etc. (Hubby said he knew I would end up making it a "learning" experience!) After dinner, I am to call their "chauffeur" to pick them up and take them to the prom. Then we will meet them at the prom. Of course I will take dozens of pictures to share with the staff and residents at the nursing home and hopefully will be able to scrapbook this magical evening. This is a new beginning for both of them! We are all so excited! I am so thankful for this nursing home and all they are doing for my students. I'm also thankful that my sweet hubby doesn't mind double dating with my students and going to the prom! It warms my heart to know there are such wonderful caring people in this world!


CompooperTeacher said...

Loonyhiker . . . I am typing this with my eyes brimming with tears. What a wonderful experience this will be for everyone. I'm so glad that you will have your scrapping expertise to provide them both with a tangible reminder of tonight's festivities.

Give them both a hug from me!

Meg said...

Oh my goodness, this made me start bawling! What a wonderful, sweet thing for both you and the nursing home to do. The two of them are obviously loved and appreciated. I'm so excited for them! Make sure you post pictures for us!

Bethy said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet.
This kinda thing gives me hope for the world. What a wonderful thing everyone is doing for these kids.

Enjoy your prom night!

glynis said...

I get the box of tissues next! Pat, what a fantastic experience to be part of and I can't wait to hear how magical the evening is for them!

Stacey said...

What a wonderful experience for them & for you. I hope you all had a great time