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Sunday, April 23, 2006


My biggest problem is forgiving me. Sometimes I do things that are so dumb, and then I rehash it all day long. I end up calling myself all sorts of things and focusing so much on how dumb I was that I'm paralyzed from doing anything else productive. I know others see me as a perfectionist which can sometimes translate into a real witch but I don't mean to be. My need to have things just right sometimes make me seem like a nag, and then I reflect on how I must have come across and I feel terrible. I can't seem to let things go and move on sometimes. I know I need to just forgive myself and get on with life. I think I am more critical of myself than anyone. When I look back on times I was critical of others, I may have actually been looking at myself and feeling insecure. In my mind, I criticize my looks and my actions and my relationships. I even find it amazing sometimes that my husband hangs around and still loves me. I look at the past and think of other people that I need to ask for forgiveness and just don't have the courage for this. Maybe someday I'll get there.


CompooperTeacher said...

I think that of all of the people in the world that we need to forgive, it's hardest to forgive ourselves. Why? Well, it might be because we have to first recognize that we've done something "wrong" that needs to be forgiven. That introspection is difficult as it is when it comes to looking for good things . . . looking for the bad is so much harder. Good job on your post!

Bethy said...

Forgiving yourself is one the hardest things to do.

Don't be so hard on yourself. What advice would you give a friend or a stranger in the same situation? Don't treat yourself harsher than a friend - love yourself too!!